CliC Assessments

Our research shows:

  • There are different styles of innovation, and all are good
  • Everyone’s innovation potential can be enhanced
  • The culture you work in has a big impact on the type of innovation that gets delivered

The purpose of the CliC Assessments is to provide:

  1. Awareness of different innovation styles
  2. Understanding of individual employees’ innovation strengths and capabilities, while providing specific and tailored ideas for professional development
  3. Team development by introducing a common language, understanding of individual strengths, and specific suggestions on how to maximize the group’s innovation potential
  4. Clarity regarding your current culture of innovation and how that impacts innovative thinking and implementation
  5. Thought leadership and specific roadmap on how to maximize your team or company’s innovation potential

All the assessments are available online.

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Provides tailored feedback and suggestions to enhance your individual innovation capability



Provides a picture of your team’s innovation strengths and development opportunities



Provides a snapshot of your current culture and a specific roadmap to enhance your company’s innovation potential