CliC•ON – Tool for Assessing a company or organization’s innovation culture

CliC-On-Cover Tools for Innovation

CliC-On-Cover Tools for InnovationThis report is supported by a facilitated leadership team meeting with a thoughtful, fact-based approach to discuss, decide and implement a roadmap to build the appropriate culture of innovation.  This is about ensuring your culture is aligned to support your strategic objectives and enhance business results.

The corporate culture report provides:

  • Feedback on the 5 factors that impact the organization’s culture for innovation
  • Feedback from your employees on how innovation is truly being perceived and rewarded
  • In one picture, the alignment of your culture, capabilities and future innovation needs





Provides tailored feedback and suggestions to enhance your individual innovation capability



Provides a picture of your team’s innovation strengths and development opportunities



Provides a snapshot of your current culture and a specific roadmap to enhance your company’s innovation potential