“Traversa has been a trusted partner for years now for assessments, executive development and organizational strategy. We simply do not hire executive talent without their input. What differentiates them is they are excellent listeners that balances genuine caring for our success with the ability to say anything, no matter if it is easy to hear. Their coaching has also been critical for the development of our high potential managers.

Jason Borschow
President and CEO
abarca health 

“We engaged Sally Jamara to assist in the planning and implementation of a new organizational structure.  She was fabulous in helping  our leadership group develop into a  real team, facilitating our planning discussions, keeping us on task and timeline, providing excellent feedback, and serving as support.  She is so skilled in choosing just the right tool or discussion topic, planning communications with the broader community, and acting as a sounding board. I could not recommend her more highly. She is the best.”

Beth Hammond
Mercer University

“Sally is such a great speaker. Even though we want to have different speakers for our programs throughout the year, I want to bring Sally back every 3 months!”

Roger Reak
Program Chair
Independent Business Advisors of North America


“When we decided to have our company take the CliC Innovation Culture Assessment we were expecting it to just validate our company’s culture was very supportive of innovation.  Our results supported our belief, but the working exercises where our employees developed areas for improvement addressing our two largest most pressing problems was nothing more than amazing.  We now have 21 actionable items to take our company to the next level of innovation and productivity.  Now that’s ROI and money well spent! Thanks Dr. Jamara.”

Harry LeBoeuf
President – Leadership Transformation

“When I participated in the CliC assessment, I was hesitant to dedicate my companies time to evaluate our Innovation level.  With the summer months now upon us, business can be a bit leaner and we needed to push harder to drive new business development forward.  The last thing I felt we needed was to throw away the better part of a day with our entire team.

Boy was I wrong….Pat and I were both pleasantly surprised to sit back and gain a 360 overall view on our teams strengths and ideas.  There were several interesting hand’s on exercises that showcased who should also be involved in driving new business development forward. We had a brainstorming session that enabled us to quickly establish a fresh, new, strategic approach and execution plan.”

Robbie Ropella
President – Executive Search

“We thought the CliC tools would be very good, because the process came highly recommended. But, it was significantly better than we anticipated. It has changed our thinking on how to focus on innovation and change within our organization.

Charles Monroe
President and CEO
Card-Monroe Corporation 

“The CliC Innovation Assessment has been a transformative tool in helping our team understand innovation potential across our organization. Before CliC, I had not experienced such accurate and consistent results from an objective assessment that also provided a high degree of nuance, direction, and useful recommendations. Sally Jamara’s insight on the various types of innovation capabilities is a key differentiator. It has encouraged us to be more holistic and inclusive in our approach to maximizing our people’s innovation potential – with the goal of translating it into business success.”

Jason Borschow
President and CEO
abarca health 

“The CliC tool was instrumental for us to learn our individual innovation styles and where we are as a firm.”

“The CliC tool provided great validation of the type of culture we want in our firm and how the innovation styles of our people fit in.”

“During the CliC innovation training we were able to actively problem solve some of the issues we are facing in the firm, using newly acquired innovation skills and techniques. It was fun and productive!”

Manuel Calderon, CEO
Juan Pablo Gonzalez, Director 
Rene Yamin, Director

“The CliC Innovation tools made a difference for our organization. I was open to trying something new and am glad we did. The innovation assessment was accurate and broadened our view of innovation.  The team gained valuable insights about each other and the way we can work together to facilitate more innovation every day. We rated the training for our leadership team a 10 out of 10! ”

H. Jackson
Founder and CEO
Jackson Acura

“I recently used the CliC Innovation Assessment and Tools with our team. It was a fantastic learning experience. We learned about our individual innovation capabilities and experienced ways to enhance our innovation skills. We also had a breakthrough with our team dynamics. The meeting was interactive and everyone got engaged and learned a lot. It was both thought provoking and very constructive. I loved how the exercises were tailored to our needs and work.  We not only learned the concepts but how to apply them directly. The ROI for our team was exceptional.”

B. Losman
Executive Director 
Safe Kids Georgia
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

“The CliC Innovation process provided an opportunity to think beyond where we are now, our current challenges. We spent four years developing new tools. Now we are thinking outside our financial services industry. I believe we generated the type of ideas and excitement that will provide us breakthrough results. The energy, positive morale and drive for change has made the process worthwhile. It has changed our thinking and we will continue to develop a culture striving for innovation. It has been a great experience for us. I would highly recommend it to others.”

W. Michael Scott
 President and CEO

“The CliC Innovation process was highly valuable! It provided insights into my own capabilities as well as how to better lead and encourage my team. I learned how to align the types of innovation with the roles and capabilities to get stronger results.  It has positively impacted our team’s innovation potential.”

R. Versteegh
VP Implementation
DS Waters

“My innovation results were unbelievably accurate. The potential benefits, drawbacks and suggestions provided for each trait were customized, insightful and very useful. The process helped me understand the impact of culture and what I can do to be a better, more innovative leader.”

M. Lopez
CEO Latin America
Assurant Solutions

“I’ve seen a lot of innovation and team tools in my 20 years, but the CliC Assessments approach really impressed me.  I was delighted with the accuracy and personal value I received.  It provided tailored recommendations based on my individual profile.  This is a unique approach that has real value to individuals and teams!”

Nick Sawbridge
RapidIce USA

“The CliC Assessment tool was fantastic in helping me to identify individual strengths and gaps in my approach to innovation. This in turn, has guided me to focus on closing the identified gaps and improving my business’ creative processes.  Sally Jamara is truly a pioneer in recognizing the need for a tool such as CliC.  She and her team have done an exceptional job of helping build a culture of innovation across organizations large and small.”

Michelle Gibson
Coast2Coast Consulting




Provides tailored feedback and suggestions to enhance your individual innovation capability



Provides a picture of your team’s innovation strengths and development opportunities



Provides a snapshot of your current culture and a specific roadmap to enhance your company’s innovation potential